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ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) UK

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the global body for professional accountants, with over 200,000 fully qualified members and 486,000 students worldwide. The ACCA Qualification develops accounting knowledge and skills as well as professional values. This enables students to build successful careers as finance and management professionals in any sector.

Who is it for

Business leaders and accountants, auditors, financial advisors and consultants, finance managers, free-lancers, college and university students and particularly those who pursue a prosperous career as chartered accountants (in accordance to art.2 L3693), or in the finance function of any corporation.


  • World-wide recognition
  • Unlimited career prospects
  • Possibility of employment in a variety of companies all over the world
  • High remuneration
  • Secure future


Becoming a member of the Association requires:

  • Successful completion of the 13 modules / papers. Exemptions from certain modules may be awarded by the ACCA on the basis of the candidate’s academic qualifications. Usually one up to five exemptions are awarded, depending on the relevance of the candidate’s degree (could be from a University, Technological institutions - TEI, College affiliates etc)
  • Three years of relevant work experience. (This could be acquired prior to, during or after the completion of your ACCA studies)
  • The completion of the “Professional Ethics Module” (e-learning and on-line assessment)


Professional qualification studies are not of a pre-determined duration. The length of time can vary depending on the exemptions awarded and the number of papers attempted in each exam session. There are two exam sessions each year, in December and in June.

Therefore the overall study program is flexible and can be customised to your specific circumstances taking into consideration your personal life and professional commitments.


Applied: Strategic Professional: 
  • Accountant in Business (AB)*
  • Management Accounting (MA)*
  • Financial Accounting (FA)*


  • Corporate & Business Law (LW)*
  • Performance Management (PM)
  • Taxation (TX)
  • Financial Reporting (FR)
  • Audit & Assurance (AA)
  • Financial Management (FM)
  • Strategic Business Leader (SBL)
  • Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)

Options (select 2 out of 4): 
  • Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
  • Advanced Performance Management (APM)
  • Advanced Taxation (ATX)
  • Advanced Audit & Assurance (AAA)



Written exams are held in March, June, September and December annually worldwide at the same date for each paper. In Greece the exams administration is undertaken by the British Council.

*CBEs (Computer Based Exams)

AB, MA, FA & LW exams within the ACCA Qualification are available by CBE (computer-based exams). If you wish to take CBEs in Altium Training, please fil in the CBE application and submit it by email.

The ACCA – SOEL Joint examination scheme (JES)

Since 2008, the ACCA together with the Greek Institute of Chartered accountants (SOEL Σώμα Ορκωτών Ελεγκτών Λογιστών) have established the Joint Examination Scheme (JES) enabling ACCA students to qualify for membership with both institutions. Effectively, this has created a “Greek variant” of the Law and Tax papers (LW and TX respectively) giving the option to students to either sit for the International (where applicable), UK or Greek syllabus exams. However, the Greek syllabus for each paper is divided into 4 areas and examined separately. Students wishing tο become Chartered accountants in Greece (Ορκωτοί Ελεγκτές Λογιστές) need to pass the Greek syllabus exams.

Who is eligible to register with ACCA

  • University or TEI students
  • University or TEI graduates
  • College students or graduates

As exams are in English, a good knowledge of the English Language would be needed.
We offer full support for the registration process. Contact us to guide you through.

Seminars may be subsidised by LAEK OAED 0,24 subsidy.