PwC Training Services: Level Up - Business English Enhancement Skills Solutions (II)

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Brief Description:


Enhance your business negotiation skills in English, improve your professional competencies, unleash your potential for greater success and business impact.
Level Up. Business Enhancement Skills Solutions is a communication course for students who aim to improve their oral and written communication skills in English.




Why choose a Business Communication course in English?

·     Feel confident giving presentations and taking part in meetings

·     Feel comfortable socializing  in a business context

·     Improve business writing skills especially digital: emails, texts & tweets

·     Leave with your own portfolio, refer back to examples of work created and demonstrate your language ability to employers.

·     Learn commonly-used business idioms and abbreviations

·     Read business -related material

·     You can practice your business language skills by writing business letters, memos etc.


This skills-driven course provides students with opportunities to acquire confidence and fluency in speaking in a professional environment. The activities are designed to stimulate discussion and help students use relevant vocabulary while improving their communication techniques, developing and consolidating their English language skills to become more efficient when socializing with foreign colleagues, participating in teleconferences and other meetings, presenting at conferences or during company meetings and finally, handling negotiations with foreign partners.


Lessons focus on:


a) how to keep the conversation going when communicating professionally with foreigners.

b) making use of the appropriate vocabulary in the business context guiding students to brainstorm on how to take calls and leave messages and even how to solve problems and deal with complaints on the phone.

c) introducing presentation techniques in English, addressing a specific audience

d) using functional language relevant to meetings: stating opinions, interrupting, making effective interventions, ending meetings, and so on. Role-plays focus on meetings, students are incited to effective communication. Groups of words taught are useful in preparation for meetings in the real world

e) Negotiations. The aim is to raise awareness of the different types of business negotiation and the use of language for dealing with conflict


Schedule of classes: Tuesday & Friday: 18.00 – 21:15




Dr Stellina Kavvada, Fulbright Scholar at Columbia University, Teachers College, Member of the International Cooperation and Conflict Resolution Center, PhD Universitι Paris-Sorbonne, Research Project Manager at Centre d’ Etude de Mouvements Sociaux, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education Award Recipient



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